'Biggest Loser' recap: Bobby in final three with Rachel, David

'Biggest Loser' recap: Bobby in final three with Rachel, David
Rachel, left, is congratulated by host Alison Sweeney after crossing the finish line. (Greg Gayne / NBC)

Rachel and David in "The Biggest Loser" finale? Saw that one coming. But Bobby?!?!

Second chances, indeed.


Rachel was all but guaranteed to win the first-ever triathlon staged by the weight-loss reality show, given her strong swimming background. And David is just flat out a stronger and faster competitor than the rest of the field -- and still has a good bit of weight to lose.

Bobby, however, had been eliminated once from the show, and managed to fight his way back in. At times, he'd been called out for not working very hard in the gym. And he came in dead last in the five-person triathlon. But none of that mattered. Because he came in first place where it counted most, on the scale, losing 17(!) pounds.

Eliminated this week were Jennifer and Chelsea, who lost three and seven pounds, respectively.

Speaking at a weekly media conference call for the eliminated players, the two women talked about the bittersweet turn of events, being eliminated from the competition not long after such an euphoric finish.

"It was amazing to cross that finish line," Jennifer said, adding that before joining the show she never envisioned herself taking on such an endeavor. "That was the moment I realized how strong I had become, physically and mentally."

She said her challenge now is figuring out how to fit in fitness in and around family life, such as "between baseball games."

Jennifer said her daughter, who had picked up some of Jennifer's poor eating habits, has lost almost 30 pounds since working with trainer Dolvett Quince (seriously, is there anything Mr. Red cannot do?) and is happily adopting mom's new eating habits. Jennifer said her husband has lost 50 pounds.

"I just moved what I have learned [at the ranch to] my kitchen at home," she said, adding she is grateful to see the health improvements in her family: "It is the best feeling in the world, I am so blessed."

Chelsea said the triathlon was a defining moment for her as well. "I soared through it.... I really was an athlete again, like I was in high school."

It has inspired her to begin training for a half marathon. She returned home to a boyfriend who is 30 pounds lighter. And her mom and stepdad are now going to the gym too. "It's great to see how much I have motivated family and friends," she said.

So, numbers crunchers. Who do you think will win?


Could it be Bobby, who Jillian said epitomizes this season of second chances? In addition to shedding the weight, Bobby has embraced life as an openly gay man. And his monster weight loss this week suggests he is finally seeing the potential trainer Bob Harper has seen in him all along.

Or will it be David? (I just don't think Rachel has enough weight left to lose, as evidenced by her one-pound weight loss this week.)

The weigh-ins capped off an emotional episode in which the competitors took a visual look back at their sadder, heftier selves. David said there's been "a lot of healing on this journey.... I came in with a sad story. The story has been changed. I get to write a new ending." He said that "no prize" can top that. "But let's go for it anyway."