Elizabeth Warren is ‘sure’ she’s not running for president, she tells Stephen Colbert

Sorry, Elizabeth Warren fans, but she ain’t running for president. 

For approximately the 4,245th time in the past year, the Democratic senator from Massachusetts stopped by “The Late Show.” Like an HBO executive insisting that a certain “Game of Thrones" character is in fact dead, Warren crushed the dreams of her many progressive admirers by telling Stephen Colbert that, no, she wasn’t waging a stealth campaign.

“I’m sure I’m not,” she said when asked, yet again, about her possible White House aspirations. 

“Can you tell us why it’s such a terrible choice to be president of the United States, why we shouldn’t be clamoring for an Elizabeth Warren victory?” asked Colbert, who’s  interviewed officially declared presidential candidates (Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump) as well as rumored ones (Joe Biden) since he debuted on Sept. 8.


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Warren’s reply was less clear, largely ignoring Colbert’s question. “I’m out there every single day in the middle of a huge fight, and it’s a fight about what this country is going to look like going forward. The game is rigged,” she said. 

Colbert asked Warren to explain exactly what she meant by “the game,” and from there she launched into one of the spirited tirades that’s made her a few enemies on Wall Street. 

“I’m talking about our country and how it’s run. Here we are, the richest country on Earth, we have so much going for us and yet we have a federal government that works great for millionaires, it works great for billionaires, it works great for giant corporations, for anybody who can hire an army of lobbyists, an army of lawyers, give lots of campaign money. For the rest of America it’s just not working, and it’s time for us to take that government back and make it work for us.”


The audience at the Ed Sullivan Theater erupted with raucous applause. Waiting a beat for the noise to die down, Colbert had just the right response: “Well, you don’t sound like you’re running for president, I’ll tell you that.”

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