Jimmy Fallon spoofs ‘Empire’ on ‘The Tonight Show’ with ‘Jimpire’


It’s been six long and agonizing months since “Empire” ended its first season on Fox. The outrageous hip-hop soap opera returns Wednesday night, and to mark the occasion Tuesday night, “The Tonight Show” introduced a parody called -- what else? -- “Jimpire.”

In the grand tradition of “Game of Desks” and “Downton Sixbey,” it was a pitch-perfect spoof reimagining “Empire’s” premise within the world of “The Tonight Show.” With a badly damaged finger and newly heightened awareness of his mortality, Fallon decides he must “entrust his legacy” at “Tonight” to one of three heirs: his bandleader Questlove, his MC Tariq or his business manager, Andre.

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Naturally, Fallon’s quest for a new heir leads to some dramatic confrontations, the revelation of long-buried secrets and a few celebrity cameos. Watch above and prepare to marvel at Fallon’s disturbingly accurate impression of Terrence Howard’s wobbly voice -- and the skills of “The Tonight Show’s” costume, hair and makeup departments.

If nothing else, it will help you through a few more hours of “Empire” withdrawal.

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