Jimmy Kimmel continues to wage war on anti-vaccination movement

Last week on his show, Jimmy Kimmel waded into the anti-vaccination debate with a PSA featuring real doctors cursing out the anti-vaccination movement.

It’s a subject close to Kimmel’s heart, since he has an 8-month-old daughter at home.

Predictably, the segment didn’t go over so well with those on the opposite side of the debate from Kimmel, and they let him know in over-the-top fury on Twitter.

“IMHO Jimmy Kimmel... is worse than the Priests abusing Boys and Bill Cosby drugging Girls. #Boycott @ABC,” one wrote.

Kimmel’s response? “Some of these people are demanding I apologize, which, of course, I won’t do.”


But he did present the other side of the debate with two returning characters, the community activist team of Jack and Becky. Their job was to browbeat parents who have decided to vaccinate their children by advocating for a child’s right to choose.

And to bolster their argument, they presented a “scientific study” in which children are given a choice between a lollipop and a giant syringe. Guess which one the kids picked 10 times out of 10?

Though even after this segment, it doesn’t look like Kimmel will be winning over any anti-vaxxers anytime soon.

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