Jimmy Kimmel finds the punch lines in Trump’s first presidential visit to California

Donald Trump made his first visit to California as president on Tuesday, and Jimmy Kimmel had plenty to say about the arrival of his top Twitter nemesis.

Kimmel told his “Jimmy Kimmel Live” audience about Trump’s fundraising dinner, where tickets ranged from $35,000 to $250,000.

“Could you imagine paying that much money to have dinner — not even with Donald Trump — in a room while Donald Trump has his head lodged in a bucket of chicken?” Kimmel asked.

“If you want to give Trump money that you’re never going to see again, you might as well invest in one of his businesses. You don’t have to give to the campaign,” the host said in a particularly scathing observation.


But Kimmel was most taken by the president’s trip earlier to San Diego where Trump looked at prototypes of his proposed border wall.

Kimmel played a video of Trump explaining that some walls are very tall, “a deterrent from getting over the top,” while also warning that those immigrating from Mexico were “like professional mountain climbers.”

“Wait, we’re going to spend $70 billion dollars to keep the Mexican mountain climbers out of the country?” Kimmel marveled. “It seems excessive.”

Watch the segment above.

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