Jon Stewart rips John McCain for playing poker during Syria hearing

A photo of Jon Stewart, host of "The Daily Show."
(Martin Crook / Comedy Central)

In his second night back on the air at “The Daily Show” on Wednesday, Jon Stewart continued to rail against the Obama administration’s efforts at military intervention in Syria, taking particular aim at the president’s unlikely ally, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

The former presidential candidate took flak earlier this week for playing video poker on his smartphone during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the possible use of force in Syria.

Like many other observers, Stewart was not impressed by McCain’s apparent need to amuse himself during the tense discussions. “Hey, man, is this possible global conflagration interrupting your video poker time?” he asked sarcastically.

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“You know what, Senator? Go. There’s a Rascal scooter and a bucket of quarters with your name on it over at the Golden Nugget,” he suggested. “Instead of playing pretend poker in the actual Senate, go to an actual casino and pretend you know what the government should do.”

Though McCain was the primary target of his ire, Stewart used the poker-playing incident as a jumping-off point for a tirade about American policy in the Middle East.

“It’s like even though we’re a superpower we haven’t figured out yet we don’t actually have superpowers, but we just keep jumping out of the building thinking we’re going to fly,” he said.



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