Louis C.K. tells Conan O’Brien he’s all in for Hillary Clinton: ‘I’d take her over anybody’

Louis C.K.
Louis C.K. performs in New York on Tuesday. C.K. told Conan O’Brien he’d vote for Hillary Clinton “over anybody.”
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Louis C.K. stopped by the TBS late-night show “Conan” Tuesday night and voiced his full-throated endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president, saying, “If you vote for Hillary, you’re a grown-up. If you vote for Trump, you’re a sucker.” He had a special unprintable word to describe those who don’t vote for anybody.

C.K.’s thoughts on the presidential election came at the behest of host Conan O’Brien, who prefaced the inquiry saying, “I’m not doing my job if I don’t ask you about the election.”

The star of FX’s critically acclaimed comedy “Louie” provided plenty of reasons Clinton was the right choice. 

For one thing, he is enamored with the idea that Clinton would be the first mother to preside over the Oval Office.


“A mother, she’s got it,” C.K. said. “A mother just does it. She feeds you and teaches you, she protects you. She takes care of [stuff].”

Even more than Clinton’s maternal proficiency, C.K. admired her ability to shrug off criticism and stay focused, particularly compared to her opponent.

“This guy, every time he’s accused of anything, everything stops and he makes everybody pay,” C.K. explained. “That’s not how it works. We need someone who can take abuse. Hillary Clinton can take abuse.”


In fact, C.K. theorizes that much of Clinton’s political career could be seen as an elaborate hazing process that has yet to break the politician.

“We’ve been holding her down and spitting in her mouth and yelling at her, and she just gets up and goes, ‘Well, I just think that if children have proper healthcare and education...’” C.K. quipped. “She just keeps working!”

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