Will Obama be the first sitting president to get up and dance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show?

President Obama will drop into Burbank on Thursday for a high-level summit ... with Ellen DeGeneres.

The president will visit the Warner Bros. set of “Ellen” for the taping of an episode that, according to the studio, will air on Friday.

Of course, DeGeneres is almost sure to ask the president about the current race for his successor. But beyond politics, there is also the searing question of what sort of dance moves the leader of the free world might bring.


Obama visited DeGeneres’ set once before, in October 2007, when he was an Illinois senator just starting his bid for the highest office in the land. At that time, he laid down some steps for DeGeneres, who has made busting a move a signature of her show. (Since 2007, Obama has also had three satellite interviews with DeGeneres, but he was nowhere near the studio for those.)

DeGeneres had a bit more hip action, but then she gets daily practice.

One thing that seems certain is that whatever Obama does on the dance floor, he will look better doing it than Hillary Clinton, his primary opponent in 2008 and former secretary of State who’s now running for the Democratic nomination again. During her own appearance on “Ellen,” Clinton tried to whip up a little nae nae during a commercial break, and the results weren’t encouraging.

Luckily, DeGeneres and her team have politicians covered. Last year, “Ellen” aired a gag reel in which the presidential candidates really got down.

Really, choosing a president would be a lot easier if we could just do a dance-off.

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