President Obama and David Letterman tease their retirement plans


President Obama stopped by “The Late Show” on Monday to pay his respects to David Letterman just a few weeks ahead of the host’s retirement. And amazingly, both of them discussed possible plans for the next phase of their life.

Obama suggested that he and Dave could get together and play dominoes. And Letterman floated the idea that he could teach a law class at Columbia University.

“I’d be interested in sitting in on that class,” Obama replied.

All kidding aside, both men have been quiet about what they plan to do in the next phase of their lives. Obama will leave the White House in January 2017 and Letterman is freed up after his May 20 show.


But Obama did reveal to Letterman during the commercial break that he plans to take a month off after he leaves the Oval Office.

“Are you kidding me?” Letterman said. “After eight years of this, you’re only taking a month off?”

Keeping in line with many of the guests Letterman has had in the last few weeks, Obama concluded the appearance with a somber assessment of what Letterman has meant to him and the nation during his TV career.

While paying of respects is all well and good, at times it makes this march to the finish line take on a bit of the feeling of a wake. Dave’s not going away for good, is he?

Is he? Dave? Let us know.

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