‘Price Is Right’ to hold nationwide male model search


Aspiring Derek Zoolanders of America, now’s your chance.

“The Price Is Right” will hold a nationwide search for a male model with casting calls in Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas and (for some reason) Spartanburg, S.C., CBS announced today. Wannabe models who live outside these areas can also submit auditions online.

Semifinalists will be invited to “come on down” to Los Angeles to sit for interviews with a panel of expert judges, film a competition Web series, and, of course, demonstrate their ability to point enthusiastically at shiny new cars and household appliances.

Three finalists will be revealed on CBS’ “The Talk,” after which fans can vote for their favorite, with the grand prize winner to be announced on the long-running game show, hosted by Drew Carey, in December.


The victor will get a week-long gig on the show and, presumably, lots of bragging rights. However, he will not necessarily be granted a permanent slot on the show, whose cast currently includes four female models.

Lovely female models have, along with the Showcase Showdown, calls to spay and neuter your pets, and that sad horn sound, long been a fixture on the daytime series, but just two years ago Rob Wilson became the first male model in the show’s history. Wilson became a regular on the program and made his final appearance in April.

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