Seth Meyers reveals Fred Armisen will lead his ‘Late Night’ band


With two weeks to go before Seth Meyers’ “Late Night” premieres on NBC, the new talk show host has revealed his old “Saturday Night Live” colleague Fred Armisen will be joining him as bandleader.

On Monday, Meyers tweeted a first look at the new band, the 8G Band, with its leader, Armisen. Yes, the photo is slightly out of focus. Maybe it was an artistic choice?

Meyers wrote, “Fred will curate and lead the band, and continue to run it even when he’s off shooting Portlandia.”


Armisen and Meyers both appeared on “Saturday Night Live” before Armisen left the show at the end of last season. The comedian-musician returned to join Meyers on his final “SNL” on Feb. 1.

The fourth season of Armisen’s sketch comedy series “Portlandia” will begin airing on IFC on Feb. 27.

Meyers’ reign on “Late Night” begins Feb. 24 and his first guest will be another former “SNL” colleague, Amy Poehler.


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