4 burning questions from ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 finale

“The Walking Dead” wrapped up its sixth season Sunday night with a finale that was as gory as it was maddeningly inconclusive. Fans who braced themselves for Another Shocking Death -- heck, the episode was even called “Last Day On Earth” -- were left with something even worse: an enormous and, some would argue, emotionally manipulative cliffhanger.

Here’s a look at all the unanswered questions fans can look forward to obsessing over for the next six months.

1. Whom did Negan kill?


In the second major fakeout of the season, following Glenn and the Miracle of the Dumpster, the finale ended not with the death of a major character, but with a sickening game of “Eenie Meenie Miney Mo” played by newly introduced arch-villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). So who was the unfortunate soul who got clobbered by “Lucille”? It was Jon Snow!

Just kidding. We don’t actually know, because the camera switched to an extremely gruesome shot from the victim’s point of view -- complete with blood pouring down the frame -- and then the credits began to roll. Though fans will likely pore over this final sequence looking for clues like JFK conspiracy theorists and the Zapruder film, it seems edited in a way to obscure the truth even further. Sorry, kids. You’re just going to have to wait this one out.

2. How is Enid going to get out of that closet?

Before joining Rick and the gang in the RV, Carl locked Enid in a closet back in the house in Alexandria. “What happens if you don’t come back?” she asked, presciently. “Just survive somehow,” murmured Carl, as helpful as ever. For Enid’s sake, let’s hope that closet is stocked with lots of Twinkies. Looks like it could be a while.

3. Is Carol going to survive those gunshot wounds? And is she ever going to be cool again?

While Rick and company were off trying to save Maggie, Morgan was in hot pursuit of Carol, whose season-long descent back into lameness appears complete. In “Last Day On Earth,” the woman who once burned a couple of sick people alive could barely muster the courage to kill a walker that appeared to be made out of melted mozzarella cheese. Then she more or less allowed herself to got shot a bunch of times until Morgan and those guys dressed like low-budget Stormtroopers came to her rescue. Let’s hope she snaps out of it.

4. Seriously, did that need to be 90 minutes long?

No, it did not.

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