Farmers Market Art Project

One of the nice things about living in L.A. is being able to be outdoors year-round and enjoy all the diverse pockets of this sprawling city. And so we’ve added a little vibrancy to the tapestry of L.A. with a set of murals that offer a range of perspectives on this ever-shifting megalopolis.

If you find yourself at the Farmers Market Art Project, share the artists’ work using #lamurals with @farmersmarketla and @latimes tags, and The Original Farmers Market as the location.

Below, you’ll find out more about the eclectic group of artists involved, their relationship to the work, and of course, their connection to this city we’re all a part of.

Words From the Artists

LAT Mural

Mike Farrell

Mike Farrell

This mural depicts symbols from Los Angeles that I’ve become very familiar with over the last 12 years here. Different neighborhoods, street foods, signage and textures, all contained within the LA times iconic “LA” letterforms.Even the act of painting this mural is a lesson learned in Los Angeles. I learned sign painting while taking the Sign Graphics course at LA Trade Tech from Doc Guthrie.


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TaVon - Mister Sampson

tavon circle

A Day in L.A….

The best way I can describe it, Each day is like a new chapter in an endless book. Filled with endless possibilities of ways you can entertain yourself or endless goals to accomplish. Whatever you want, it’s here in the city of Angels. Wether you want to go skiing in the morning and surfing later in the day, or you want to pursue your dreams of having your name on the Walk of Fame one day. Beaches that stretch for as far as the eye can see. Being in awe of the beautiful scenery as you drive up the PCH or the luxurious look of the palm tree lines streets of Beverly Hills. Hiking to get a great workout with friends and to see an amazing view of the city. The weather and scenery makes it feel like a vacation everyday. There is no other city like it.


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Caitlin Kuhwald

caitlin circle

LA is such a vast city, and in my banner I wanted to show the beautiful shift of terrain, light and texture from the mountains in the east to the seaside in the west. Driving and car culture is a huge part of our lives in LA, but so is the enjoyment of nature and an appreciation of the vibrant color of our skies and our views.

I grew up in Southern California, but it was only when I left it that I realized how much I missed all these things that make LA so special. Now living in Atwater Village, I even appreciate driving. There’s nothing like having some good music on, the windows rolled down to feel the warm air, and watching the manzanitas shift to eucalyptus trees and then to palm trees as you traverse the city.

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Andrew Cooper - iamCooper

cooper circle

Website -

My Inspiration for the piece is overall growth. I love the idea of trying to push myself to grow each day in my work. My artwork is a representation of that. Plants growing everywhere wrapped around each other and coming out of nowhere. Just like a plant starts growing out of the concrete when nothing is around it. There’s beauty in that. I want to bring a fresh and new style in representing the beauty in nature.

Instagram - @iam.cooper

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WonderCrush - Amanda

“Hollywood was my home for a really long time. My most memorable moments were up in the hills hiking which brought me inspiration. The bright vivid colors, the gorgeous sunsets, and all the rabbits! The city to me is always moving and is so lively which is why I chose the whimsical illustrated route to execute this painting I had so much fun making.”


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James Haunt


This piece represents a California dream in Los Angeles and the blend of day and night, glamour and grit, structure and nature and the colorful side of Los Angeles where anything can happen at any moment.

Imagery is made up of textures I see regularly throughout my city.