David Beckham retires: A look back at his style over the years

 Sure, David Beckham has announced his retirement from soccer, but we assume his career as an international style icon will continue — including, we hope, his role as an underwear model for H&M.

We appreciate Beckham’s long-time embrace of metrosexual style (Salon magazine declared him the ultimate “metrosexual”) and recall, fondly, his braided hair, sarongs and mohawk.  And we’re guessing that his face will continue to grace the covers of magazines such as Esquire and “W.”

Will he follow his wife, Victoria, into the fashion design world? It’s unclear, of course, but we already know he is likely to smile on 99.9% more occasions than Posh, who, although she nicknamed her husband “Golden Balls,” seems to lack a prominent sense of humor.

What seems very likely is that the Beckhams will continue in their lucrative careers as spokespeople who are sought after by scores of fashion, beauty (he allegedly received $13 million plus to launch his fragrance line in the U.S.) and fitness companies.


For those who keep track of such things, Beckham has two games remaining with Paris St-Germain.

And then he can focus all his time on what’s really important — new hair styles, perhaps a few more tattoos and taking his shirt off.


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