MTV turns Jeremy Scott Moonman design into a #VMA award show emoji

MTV Launches Jeremy Scott Moonman Emoji

The Jeremy Scott redesigned MTV Moonman statuette, at left, was revealed Aug. 17. An emoji version, at right, was announced Aug. 24. It will appear whenever fans include the hashtag #VMA or #VMAs in a Twitter post.


In advance of Sunday’s “MTV Video Music Awards,” MTV announced today that it has created a special emoji version of fashion designer Jeremy Scott’s made-over Moonman statuette that will pop up in Twitter posts that include the hashtag #VMA or #VMAs.

The designer announced the news to the 363,000 followers of his @ITSJEREMYSCOTT Twitter account this morning with a series of posts featuring a miniature version of the trophy that he redesigned for this year’s awards by adding an outsized peace sign necklace, winged shoes and a multicolored chromed finish inspired by a TV test pattern.

These colorful details show up best when the emoji is rendered a bit on the larger size — in smaller it could just as easily be a sumo wrestler carrying a push broom or a deep-sea diver on a putting green.

MTV claims, in its announcement, to be the “the first TV network to launch an Award Show emoji,” and we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on that claim for now as we’re not even sure who keeps track of such things.
What we are sure about is the fact that the network sees the value of generating — and sustaining — social media buzz, and the emoji program is part of their overall effort to ramp that up in advance of this Sunday’s telecast.


The way we see it, it’s more than fitting that the effort involves Scott, a designer known for his efforts to democratize the world of luxury fashion (the upcoming documentary on him is titled: “Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer”) since the end result is that anyone with a Twitter account can easily access a teeny, tiny, symbolic piece of his creative genius.

“The MTV Video Music Awards” airs Sunday, Aug. 30 at 9 p.m. ET / PT.

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