British retailer cashes in on #TheDress color phenomenon


While the rest of the world continues to debate whether #TheDress is blue and black, or white and gold, Roman Originals, the British retailer that sells the dress, is cashing in.

The bodycon dress, which features strips of blue material and black lace (or white and gold depending on how you see it), sells for 50 British pounds, or around $77.13. The dress was first available in November 2014, and comes in white and black, pink and black and red and black. White and gold is not available.

Since the recent Tumblr photo of the dress was posted online, spurring the debate over the color of the dress, sales on the website have gone up 347%, a Roman Originals representative told


People are visiting the site to see the dress, then sticking around to shop.

“Traffic has been up by 2,000% and continues to grow,” Ian Johnson, creative manager for Roman Originals told The Times in an email. “At the moment we’re basing our sales estimates against Black Friday, and it’s looking as if we’re going to beat even our best day. People are loving the dress, all the colours it comes in, and also the other styles we sell, and it’s absolutely amazing!”

According to Ian Johnson, the company was selling around 100 a week, before #TheDress debate started. On Friday morning, Roman Originals sold out of the dress in half an hour, selling around 300 dresses. They have since replenished their stock.

And there’s demand for a white and gold version too.

“We’re in the process of planning a white and gold version of this dress so watch this space,” said Johnson.

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