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“50 Shades” by Lauren Goldstein Crowe (Reel Art Press, $29.95)
“50 Shades” by Lauren Goldstein Crowe (Reel Art Press, $29.95) includes 50 iconic images of celebrities in sunglasses from 50 years of popular culture.
(Reel Art Press)

Perhaps nothing personifies Hollywood glamour quite like sunglasses, and “50 Shades” (Reel Art Press, $29.95) by Lauren Goldstein Crowe features 50 of the century’s icons in the coolest of frames. Steve McQueen, Diana Ross, Bob Dylan, Audrey Hepburn and more are included, alongside quotes that reveal something about the celebrity hiding behind the shades.

“Hollywood Unseen” (ACC Editions, $75) by Robert Dance is a tribute to the studio portraits, both wonderful and weird, taken in the golden age of Hollywood. Drawing from the archive of the John Kobal Foundation, the staged photos depict stars leading “ordinary” lives, including Humphrey Bogart with his dog, Carole Lombard with her cat, Ginger Rogers at the beach and shirtless Burt Lancaster playing tennis.

Of course, not every star submitted to the whims of the studio image makers. “Katharine Hepburn: Rebel Chic” (Skira Rizzoli, $40) presents the headstrong actress as fashion icon. Her idiosyncratic style is documented from the 1930s to ‘80s through photos of looks from her professional and personal wardrobes, from the sublimely simple Valentina gowns she wore as Tracy Lord in “The Philadelphia Story” on Broadway to the trousers and fur coat she chose for off-duty hours.