Porntreprenuers and eyeless models are spotted at L.A. Fashion Week.

At the Joseph Domingo show, the eyes of the models with flesh colored gauze.
(Melissa Magsaysay / LAT)
Times Staff Writers

The Porn Star Has New Clothes

After spotting porntreprenuer Jenna Jameson at several fashion week events (including Eduardo Lucero’s show at the Los Angeles Theatre), the Mirror spied her at the Smashbox shows and decided to find out why a woman who made a mint in her birthday suit would spend her downtime checking out the fall fashions.

Turns out it she was checking out the competition - Jameson said she’s been sketching outfits that will eventually become a clothing line slated to launch in the spring. “It doesn’t have a name yet but I want to call it “The House of Jameson’,” she said. “And I want to launch it at New York Fashion Week. And if they don’t let me I’ll do it anyway.”


Jameson said the line will be designed and produced by Christian Audigier - with whom she appeared on the catwalk at the end of his Ed Hardy show Monday afternoon.

“We’re not quite ready yet,” she said with no apparent trace of irony. “But we’re still working the kinks out.”

Out of sight, out of mind.

It seems as though the makeup team at Joseph Domingo’s Fall show couldn’t agree on an eye makeup concept. Their solution? Just cover up models’ eyes with flesh colored gauze, a technique which resulted in an eerie “Mothman” meets “Twin Peaks” look that was all the audience could focus on. Both male and female models had circular pieces of gauze plastered from the top of their chiseled cheeks to their brow bones making them look literally, eyeless. Even the word alone is creepy.

The miniscule pores in the pieces of gauze challenged the models ability to see and walk a straight line toward the flashbulbs. There were no spills on the runway, it did seem as though the audience spent more time trying to wrap their brains around the missing eyes than the collection.

Get it now: Hot off the runway

It’s one of the great frustrations, watching fashion shows a season ahead of time. You have to wait six months to get the goods! Not so with Imitation of Christ. Selected, one-of-a-kind pieces that Tara Subkoff showed on the runway at Smashbox Studios Monday night will be for sale at the Tracey Ross store on Sunset Boulevard on Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m. It seems the designer, who will be there for a meet and greet, doesn’t currently have a showroom for sales, so she’ll be selling many of the vintage beaded gowns and deconstructed tux looks this way. You don’t hear us complaining.