ClubM rolls out a limited-edition luxury-level box of weed goodies for the cannabis connoisseur


ClubM, a San Diego company specializing in the doorstep delivery of curated cannabis products, is going after the truly high-end consumer with the launch of a limited-edition luxury box just in time for the holidays.

Dubbed the M1K, the production run of the boxes is extremely limited — we’re talking less-than-a-dozen limited at launch — and are available only to ClubM subscribers.

Although California recently legalized adult recreational use, the subscriptions require both an invitation and valid recommendation paperwork issued by a California-licensed physician (both of which can be arranged through the service’s website). If you’ve cleared those two hurdles, the next one may be the hyper-premium price tag of $1,000 — more than 10 times the cost of the company’s monthly themed boxes (but half of what the assortment would cost if purchased separately).


That buys the discriminating cannabis connoisseur an assortment of products (flower, edibles and vapes) and related accessories (such as rollers, grinders, dabbing tools) delivered in the customer’s choice of either a custom humidor made by L.A.-based Apothecarry (similar ones retail for $259) or a leather AnnaBis purse with a scent-proof lining (approximate retail value $245).

In a news release announcing the M1K, ClubM co-founder Chris Husong said there was demand for a super-premium offering. “Frankly, it’s product most people can’t afford, but ClubM members are clamoring for it,” he said. “There are some really beautiful luxury cannabis products, [and] this is about discovery of the best of the best.”

ClubM isn’t the only SoCal brand catering to the deep-pocketed pot-smoking crowd either. Another is jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche who, just last month, threw a weed-themed party at her Beverly Hills showroom to publicize the launch of an expanded collection of pot-leaf-emblazoned jewelry and apparel that included $440 snakeskin blunt travel cases and $7,000 crocodile clutches.

Now that recreational adult use and possession of marijuana has been legalized in the Golden State (though buying it — if you don’t hold a doctor’s recommendation — isn’t yet an option) you can be sure that the gold rush to offer luxury level accessories and accouterments to the moneyed marijuana set is just beginning.

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