Gucci hosts GucciGhost global launch event during New York Fashion Week


“I always knew that I would get Gucci’s attention one way or another,” said Trevor Andrew, aka Trouble Andrew, aka GucciGhost, Wednesday evening. Given that he was speaking from the luxury brand’s Fifth Avenue boutique — where it was hosting a cocktail party for him — we’ll say mission achieved.

A pair of New York Fashion Week-branded Lexus automobiles were parked outside the store, waiting dutifully to escort party hoppers around town. While many of those in attendance — Hari Nef, Petra Collins — have been dashing about all week, a rather shy-seeming Andrew had been preserving his energy. “I saved it all for this,” he said, secluded from the party scene in the boutique’s cash wrap. “This is the first event, we have three or four more. It’s been a constant flow of creative. I’ve been at home painting and cutting together the video that’s playing.”

Throughout the store, his graffiti-art creations for Gucci were strewn. “Oh god, we even had to spray paint all the TVs,” an employee mumbled, clearly on his last fashion-week nerve. A man carting a plastic tray of Shake Shack burgers was mobbed by heeled fashion tropes seizing the opportunity to abandon their fashion week diets.


“I created the Gucci Ghost art project, basically from a sketch to a Halloween costume, [and now am] experiencing people’s reactions to this idea,” Andrew said. “It just reinforced my motivation to push it and push everything around me into this Gucci lifestyle. Painting on everything and using so many different mediums and platforms to showcase this idea and put it out. I loved that it made people curious.”

His “art project” found its way to Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele through Andrew’s friend, the photographer Ari Marcopoulos, who shot look books for the brand, and Andrew received a call to travel to Rome. “I always felt like they should do this, like this would work. But it wasn’t guaranteed, like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m getting the call.’ But I knew I was right in terms of something that could apply. I just kept pushing it, and I think what you put out into the world is what you get back. I stayed positive with it.”

So what’s he going to go as for Halloween this year? “Gucci Ghost would be appropriate,” he said. “I would like to see a whole bunch of Gucci Ghosts.”