Wrist candy: Hermès’ Collier de Chien cuff bracelet


Hermès reopens on Rodeo Drive this week with a new three-story boutique framed in a bright white marble grid facade and a limited-edition collection of items made just for the occasion, including a wine trunk, a basketball, swimming pool-inspired silk scarves and this alligator-and-diamond Collier de Chien cuff bracelet in turquoise blue.

Founded in Paris in 1837 as a maker of leather horse harnesses, Hermès has evolved into a luxury brand known for silk scarves and ties, tabletop items, jewelry and watches, ready-to-wear clothing and, of course, status handbags.

Hermès began making dog collars in 1923 when it became chic for Parisian women to travel the city with packs of giant dogs protecting them. Then the company started to notice fashion designers were buying them as belts. That led to Collier de Chien belts, with their signature chunky hardware, and, eventually, a line of Collier de Chien jewelry, which launched in 1949.


Three years ago, gold bracelets were added to the line; this year, some of the pieces were dusted in diamonds for the first time.

As for the limited-edition turquoise cuff bracelets (there are only two), the wearer is sure to make a splash.