Can you really get better skin using pills, potions and powders?

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Clockwise from left: 8G Greens, NeoCell, Glow Inner Beauty Powder by the Beauty Chef and ZSS Skincare.

(Clockwise from left: 8G Greens, NeoCell, The Beauty Chef and ZSS Skincare)

As if it’s not enough to cleanse, tone and moisturize daily, beauty brands are adding another step to the skin-care regimen — although this one is as simple as popping a pill.

Adopting the adage that “beauty starts from within,” a slew of new products are designed to head off common skin-care concerns from the inside out, the thinking being that products applied topically can only go so far. Skin-fortifying ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants — generally seen in creams and lotions — are now being delivered via capsule or powders that can be thrown into a shake. Many come from established beauty brands. Among them are Jane Iredale’s Skin Accumax, a pill designed to fight acne using natural ingredients such as diindolylmethane — a compound found in broccoli — as well as vitamin E.

And natural skin-care line Kaeng Raeng, which has activated charcoal in its products, launched a three-day beauty cleanse to work alongside the serums and clay masks for which it is known.

For those who want to try one of the new beauty-focused supplements, doctors advise doing research on ingredients, especially if the supplements are being used in conjunction with prescription medicines.


“To date, I have not found sufficient credible evidence to advise my patients to use skin-focused supplements,” said Beverly Hills dermatologist Simon Ourian. “I am not anti, but I am not yet convinced of their benefits.” Instead, he advocates adhering to a vitamin-rich diet, preventive treatments and “a comprehensive regimen that includes products containing clinically proven ingredients.”

But if you want to try one of the new ingestibles, here’s the rundown on a few of them.

Glow Inner Beauty Powder by the Beauty Chef

This white container contains a mix of fermented skin-fortifying ingredients including anthocyanin (from grape skin), ginger and turmeric, designed to be taken daily while using the Australian brand’s Probiotic Skin Refiner, Dream Repair Serum and Beauty Fix Balm. Add to water or juice or sprinkle over yogurt or a shake. From $59.95, at


Beauty Matrix by Mushroom Matrix

Several types of antioxidant-loaded organic mushrooms are blended to make this powder to help rejuvenate the skin and strengthen nails and hair. It has no taste. The King Trumpet and Turkey Tail specimens of mushroom, among those in the product, have antibacterial properties. From $24.99 at

Kaeng Raeng

Known for its scrubs, clay masks and serums, the brand advocates its three- or six-day cleanse to kick-start a skin rejuvenation program. The soy-free powders used for the cleanse are made from fruit, probiotics and psyllium husk and can be purchased in a package with a lavender vanilla detoxfoliant body scrub and clay mask. From $79.99 at

ZSS Skincare

ZSS has a new line called the Radiant & Clear Skin Method — topical serums that come with a daily supplement. One set is for anti-aging and hydration, another to help combat acne. The products contain zeaxanthin, derived from peppers, along with green tea, alpha lipoic acids, borage seed oil and fish oil. The company says results can typically be seen within eight weeks. From $129 for a 30-day supply.

8G Greens

Former Donna Karan fashion model Dawn Russell went on a greens-rich diet to help fight cancer and discovered that her skin had never looked better. Her 8G Greens come in a fizzy lozenge that dissolves in a cup of water and comes packaged in a slender white tube. Aloe vera, chlorella and blue green algae, all known for their skin-fortifying powers, are delivered straight into the bloodstream. $12.50 at



Collagen is at the heart of an extensive offering from NeoCell, which rolled out new skin-centric supplements for fall. Derma Matrix (around $15 for 6.46 ounces) is a powder made from vitamin C and amla extract, together with hyaluronic acid and collagen, to help hydrate the skin from the inside. Glow Matrix (around $28 for 90 capsules) has ceramides and pine bark extract. The brand also makes Biotin Bursts ($14 for 30 pieces) — chewable candies in acai berry flavor. The products can be found at retailers including Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe and GNC.


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