Review: Victoria Beckham hits the (chain) links

Looks from the fall and winter 2019 Victoria Beckham runway collection presented on Feb. 17 during London Fashion Week.
(Niklas Halle’n / AFP / Getty Images)

Victoria Beckham’s fall and winter 2019 runway collection, presented at the Tate Britain here Sunday was heavy on a design element we’ve noticed a lot since Tom Ford’s show early in New York Fashion Week: the chain-link motif.

Beckham’s show notes didn’t explain why she used it throughout the collection, noting only that the chain pattern was “’70s archive-inspired,” but links of various sizes cropped up as allover prints on dresses,intarsia knit into slouchy turtleneck sweaters, and embroidered with sequins onto knee-length skirts.

Other pieces in the collection used actual lengths of silver chain as belts or as a decorative element across the shoulder blades of jackets and connected to metal grommets.

Looks from the fall and winter 2019 Victoria Beckham runway collection presented during London Fashion Week.
(Anton Denisov / Victoria Beckham)

There were also plenty of eye-catching pieces that weren’t part of the chain gang, including lipstick-red coats, dresses and skirts, and a range of menswear-inspired tweed jackets and trousers, the latter of which flared at the ankle.

Here the wide leg, which was also very much in evidence at New York Fashion Week — not to mention elsewhere on the London runways — combined with the chain-link pattern and color palette to give the collection a bit — and just a bit — of ’70s retro flair that made it feel much more wearable than the heavy-handed Me Decade rewind that Michael Kors sent down a New York runway four days earlier.

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