Hairstylist to the stars steps into the spotlight with the launch of namesake hair-care brand on HSN


Kim Kimble, the hairstylist behind some of the most famous manes in music, film and television (she can name drop Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, Lady Gaga, Zendaya, Shakira and Taraji P. Henson), isn’t afraid to step into the spotlight herself. And she’s doing it again this month with the launch of her namesake hair-care brand on HSN.

“It’s been one of my long-term goals to get on HSN because I love the fact that women are going to be able to see how my products work on different hair types,” said Kimble, star of WE TV’s reality show “L.A. Hair” and owner of the Kimble Hair Studio in West Hollywood. “I have worked on all different hair types and textures. I have been doing hair for over 25 years and 15 years of that I have been creating products. I use the products on my celebrity clients. They are about healthy hair, but there is always a touch of glamour.”

In its debut on HSN, Kim Kimble Professional Products will focus on the silk treatment line that includes shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner. For styling purposes, the shopping network will also feature the flatiron Silk Vapor that’s designed to infuse hair with argan oil and condition while ridding locks of split ends and frizz.“The silk line is for women who want shiny, silky hair. Silk protein is the base of the products. It’s an ingredient that’s really great for strengthening the hair, and it gives the hair a ton of shine,” Kimble said. “This line is going to be perfect for the fall because women might want to straighten their hair more often in the fall, and it will be great at giving the hair shine while they straighten it.”


Outside of HSN, Kimble has a presence at Sally Beauty Supply locations nationwide with her Kimble Beauty range of hair-care merchandise. Its assortment at Sally Beauty concentrates on the curl-defining products Curl Revitalizer, Curl Cream and Liquid Curl Enhancer. The range is set to expand with a co-wash offering.

“It cleanses, but it doesn’t strip the oil out of your hair. It’s very mild,” said Kimble of the co-wash. “Every now and then, you need a really good cleanse, and you can use the other shampoo. Sometimes you just need to go in and get all the bacteria off the scalp.” She elaborated, “For each hair type, you need specific products. Everyone doesn’t have the same head of hair, and no curl is alike. I’m really into concoctions and cocktailing. I talk to a lot of women who have curly hair, and they mix different products. We create products that work well together when you mix them.”

Between her hair-care lines, celebrity clients, salon operations and the reality show, Kimble admitted she doesn’t get much sleep or vacation. “I’m trying to work on that,” she said. “When I’m not on the set, I’m working on my company and the products. I have several weekly calls to discuss, plan and strategize. It’s not easy. I do sacrifice my time to be able to do all this, but I have big goals.”

Kimble values the variety her multifaceted career provides. In the salon, she keeps her finger on the pulse of the latest emerging trends. Highlighting a hair trend she believes has legs today, she said, “A lot of women are rocking haircuts that are more [explicit] cuts. It’s not just long hair anymore. I love the whole bohemian thing and I thought that trend would never leave, but I think people are becoming more stylized in their look.”

On the red carpet, Kimble continues to be a major force for hairstyles that move the media needle. Case in point: Henson’s sultry strands at the Emmy Awards last month. “I just loved the wet hair. I thought it would be effortless and sexy. I didn’t want her to have an uptight bun or the typical Emmys soft hair,” said Kimble. “We made it look wet by letting the hair dry wet with texture and then I went in with an iron to create separation. I used the GHD curling wand for the wave that looks like a beachy wave, and I added the Curl Revitalizer, so it would look wet and dry in a pattern.”

Since signing up for “L.A. Hair,” Kimble has a greater understanding of the public scrutiny her celebrity clients face on the red carpet and regular streets. “I do kind of get it, worrying what people say. I have to pay attention to how I look. All my life, I paid attention to what they look like, and I get it now, although they have even more pressure than me. I don’t envy them at all,” she said. “At the same time, I appreciate the [‘L.A. Hair’] opportunity. I see it as an opportunity to educate. We try to do as much as we can to educate people about the industry.”


Kimble isn’t finished diversifying her stable of professional endeavors. One of her ambitions is to produce beauty and fashion television programs. “I am producer on my own show, and the bug has bit me. It’s another part of being creative,” she said. Speaking of the upcoming fifth season of her show premiering in January, Kimble teased, “There’s a big, big, big change. There are going to be surprises. It’s still the same show, but there are a lot of toss-ups.”

Despite her long list of projects, Kimble isn’t distracted from her determination to build a hair-care business to be reckoned with on HSN and elsewhere. “I want it to be global. I want the line not only to be successful at selling, but to be inspirational to young entrepreneurs as well. You have to be successful to really inspire and improve other people’s lives,” she said. “Of course, I want to see it passed down to my family.”