Carine Roitfeld’s CR Men’s Book features Paralympic athletes on March cover


The March cover of Carine Roitfeld’s CR Men’s Book features Paralympic athletes Rheed McCracken and Liam Malone, shot by Steven Klein.

“I love to use my magazine to share unique personal stories. We decided to do a sports-themed issue of Men’s Book, and I wanted to see the world of athletics from a different perspective, from those who are differently abled,” Roitfeld said.

The theme of the issue, which hits newsstands on March 6, is “just doing it” — also a personal mantra for Roitfeld. The feature about McCraken and Malone is titled “The Bionic Men.”


“I was taken by their courage and strength, and I knew featuring para-athletes would be a very positive and uplifting message for the issue. In our research we discovered Rheed McCracken and Liam Malone, two young champion para-athletes, and I asked Steven Klein to photograph them,” she said. “I can’t think of any athletes more deserving of the cover than these two men. They are champions physically and mentally and their stories are incredibly inspiring.”

“Mind over matter and perseverance is evident in Rheed and Liam, whose challenges never stopped them from being heroes and examples for myself and others to have great appreciation for one’s gifts,” Klein said.