Gucci-Dapper Dan collection hits the market


Gucci launched its Gucci-Dapper Dan collection on and a selection of its stores globally on Tuesday.

To celebrate the collaboration and expansive lineup, the Italian fashion house tapped photographer Ari Marcopoulos to lens the collection, in a range of images paying homage to the Harlem designer’s heritage.

Inspired by archival imagery from the Eighties portraying Dapper Dan’s custom pieces, the pictures feature both young types from the neighborhood and models sporting the collection in and around the streets of Harlem, posing in a vintage car, in front of graffiti or against a wrought-iron railing.


In particular, the Gucci-Dapper Dan lineup reimagines archival pieces of the designer — especially tracksuits and jacket styles — in Gucci’s signature fabrics and decorative elements. Gucci leitmotifs, including embroidered dragons, bold letterings and the house’s signature green and red stripes, stand out on bomber jackets, T-shirts and tanks, in addition to tracksuits, which are offered in GG-printed nylon and velour. A new yellow Gucci logo also makes its appearance, inspired by the original sign of Dan’s Harlem store. In addition to a large selection of accessories, thick gold chains and medallions with lion heads and the faces of bearded Greek gods are also part of the collection.

Last year, Gucci announced it would be collaborating with Dan, born Daniel Day, to reopen his store and atelier — which shut down in 1992 — also providing him all the fabrics.