Lisa Edelstein on dressing for ‘Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce’ and the Women’s March in Washington


When Ramy Brook Sharp started her namesake clothing label in 2010, she envisioned women wearing her slinky blouses on hot dates, rather than raking a baseball field. Yet the latter was the scene in the third season premiere of “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce,” in which star Lisa Edelstein wrote the script to show her character smoothing the pitcher’s mound of a baseball field while wearing a bright blue sleeveless top with slim black pants and stilettos.

After the snippet was played for a crowd comprising the show’s fans and the fashion brand’s customers, in the middle of Bloomingdale’s contemporary section at Westfield Century City mall, the department store’s women’s fashion director did a double take.

“I knew Ramy’s clothing was wearable but I didn’t know you can clean in them,” said Brooke Jaffe, sitting on a dais next to Edelstein, “Girlfriends’ Guide” creator Marti Noxon, costume designer Cynthia Summers and Sharp.


As Edelstein attested, the wardrobe in Bravo’s popular comedy is aspirational, fantasy-driven and plentiful. Bloomingdale’s liked the $445 gray one-shoulder silk jumpsuit from Ramy Brook that Edelstein wore on the show so much that it requested the company make it in red exclusively for its store. “In fact, when you’re divorced, you have to wear better clothes because you’re on the market,” Noxon acknowledged.

What’s more, a divorcee’s clothes should be bright, as evident in the floral-print Dolce & Gabbana purse carried by Vicki Iovine, the best-selling author who inspired the series after surviving a public divorce with music mogul Jimmy Iovine, who’s now married to Liberty Ross. Glancing at Iovine sitting in the front row, Edelstein said the period after a separation “is a rebirth.” The only plea she made to Summers regarding the costumes on the show was: “Do not put me in a pencil skirt. I was trapped in a pencil skirt for seven years on ‘House.’”

As for her favorite outfit, she couldn’t pick one. “I wear them for two 15-hour days in a row. Then I never want to put them on my body again,” she said.

The 50-year-old actress is so accepting of the body that she suggested a woman in the audience skip wearing a bra. “Listen, ladies, we all have nipples and I think they’re sexy.”

“Let them fly,” Noxon said.

“Let them breathe,” Edelstein responded.

“Wear them to the inauguration,” Noxon said, eliciting a huge laugh from everyone.

“We’ll see a lot of them at the Women’s March,” Edelstein said in jest.

Later, after posing for photos with the other panelists, Edelstein turned earnest when explaining why she plans to join the Women’s March in Washington on Saturday. “I think it’s important in this climate that women’s issues, gender issues, LGBT issues, reproductive issues and all of that stay in the forefront,” she said. “The march is a really exciting way to remind the world we’re activated. The real work is after the march.”


Crossing her fingers that the meteorological climate in Washington will stay mild with temperatures in the 40s, she’s prepared for any scenario. “I have a very cute oversized Rick Owens wool overcoat with a hood,” she said. “It’s got deep pockets so I can carry food.”


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