Olivia Culpo debuts exclusive collection with Express


The Express x Olivia Culpo collection hit 300 stores today, as well as online at The line is the first in a series of capsule collections (with other collaborators) that will be revealed by Express throughout 2019. Culpo’s collection is made up of 32 pieces, ranging in price from $35 to $138. The collection includes blazers, biker shorts, jumpsuits, sweats, sequin dresses and female empowerment T-shirts, in a palette of black and white, with pops of red, pink and yellow.

The line was created in collaboration with Reunited Clothing LLC.

“The robust assortment offers empowering fashion choices while remaining true to Olivia’s signature style,” said David Kornberg, president and chief executive officer of Express.

Culpo said she was totally involved in the design process. She said the collaboration is a one-season deal.


Culpo is no newbie when it comes to design. She previously had a collection with Le Tote, and has done collaborations with Marled for a collection for Revolve, Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus, with her name on it. In fact, Culpo said she’d like to do her own collection someday.

“I’m really enjoying the process of these collaborations because it’s really giving me an opportunity to really practice and find out what the girl wants, and that’s what my priority is. Attaining all the information that I can to make the right decisions down the line,” she said.

Asked whom she has in mind when she was designing this collection, she said, “The girl I’m designing for is me. I grew up with a passion for fashion, but I was a very savvy shopper. I didn’t really have the desire or the capability to spend a ton of money on clothes, so I had to choose wisely and I had to find things that were at affordable price points. Everything that I design is inspired in that way. I know what it was like to look through a rack and always have to wait for a sale, or a 10 percent discount because there was a hole in it or something. You don’t always have to spend a pretty penny to get a pretty outfit.”

She said she’ll be traveling to L.A. with the collection, in addition to her New York appearance tonight at the Madison Avenue store.

Culpo maintains a strong social media presence including 3.6 million followers on Instagram and 234,000 followers on Twitter.


Meantime, the actress, model and designer (and former Miss Universe) recently wrapped up a TV show called “Paradise City,” based on a movie she did called “American Satan.” She just got back from Japan, and next up for her is fashion month. She has a few opportunities for walking the runway, but said, “It kind of depends what I can squeeze into the schedule. I’m debating if I can make it work. I do walk every season in one show or another.” She said she’ll make that decision at the last minute.