Mayor unveils winning ‘Designed/Made in L.A.’ logo


Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa unveiled the winning design in the “Designed/Made in Los Angeles” garment hang tag logo competition at a press conference Monday at the Cooper Design Space downtown.

The winning design, created by Youth Monument’s Colby Long, depicts a hand holding a sewing needle surrounded by the words “Designed & Made in Los Angeles,” with the ampersand formed by a piece of thread.

The logo, one of 23 put up for a public vote Oct. 5 through 12, will be available to apparel and accessory firms headquartered within the city of Los Angeles to use on garment hang tags and websites.


According to the mayor’s office, 19 local designers and manufacturers have already signed on to the initiative including American Apparel, Youth Monument, LoudLove Jewelry, Popomomo Los Angeles, Petro Zilla, Again, THVM denim, Cerre, Dream Collective Jewelry, Edith Palm, Bohemian Society, Lavuk, Belle N. Matisse, Mila Hermanovski, Jenny Dayco, Penelope and Coco, Sires Eyewear, 722 Figueroa Brands, and Axthelm Collection.

“With 10,000 fashion-related companies employing 100,000 people, our city has the tools to get you from pattern design to movie premiere,” said Villaraigosa. “The goal of the Designed/Made in Los Angeles initiative is to help this industry continue to grow and thrive.”

The logo hangtag initiative is part of a larger, five-pronged program that aims to promote L.A. as an international brand, generate support for L.A. brands to exhibit at major trade shows, create an online resource guide to local manufacturing, identify export opportunities for fashion brand and promote workforce development.

More in-depth coverage of the initiative will appear in this Sunday’s Image section.


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