Tip your ten-gallon to National Hat Day

The Stetson, shown in a file photo, was the top-searched hat brand of the past year, according to Yahoo.
(Christine Cotter / Los Angeles Times)

Dig out your derby, find your fedora and put on your porkpie -- Tuesday is National Hat Day! In honor of the headgear holiday, the folks at Yahoo have provided us with some hat-related search intel, including that Stetson was the top-searched hat brand on Yahoo in the last year (New Era was No. 2), and that the top-searched hat-related term of the past month was, thanks to the recently ended lockout, “NHL snapback.”

In other National Hat Day related news, (and really, how often do you hear that?), fast-food chain Arby’s -- the one with the cowboy-hat logo -- is urging customers to sign a White House petition designating the ten-gallon hat “America’s first and only official national hat.” (To sweeten the deal, it’s offering a coupon for 50% off a chocolate molten lava cake.) [Arby’s]

Swiss Swatch Group is buying the Harry Winston luxury watch and jewelry business for $1 billion, reports our Business section compatriot Shan Li. She writes: “The part of Harry Winston that is not sold will be re-dubbed Dominion Diamond Corp. and will source polished diamonds for Swatch.” [LAT]


Yesterday, Ecco Domani announced the winners of the 2013 Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation awards: Tome (Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin for women’s design), Ian Velardi (men’s), Deborah Pagani (accessories) and Susan Woo (sustainable design). Each up-and-coming designer will receive a $25,000 grant to help showcase their wares at the New York’s Fall 2013 Fashion Week. This is the 12th season the Italian wine brand has awarded these grants, and has given some $1.7 million to date. [Ecco Domani]


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