Angel City Brewery set to unveil -- wait for it -- an avocado beer

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Angel City Brewery is set to become the next L.A.-area brewery to begin bottling its flagship beers. But its brewmaster’s creative use of ingredients in more experimental brews is what’s catching craft beer fans’ attention.

The young brewery’s main beers -- a West Coast-style IPA and a delicately spiced witbier -- have gained a following around L.A.

The more inventive beers from brewmaster Dieter Forstner -- such as the au jus-inspired French Sip, a nod to downtown L.A.’s feuding eateries that claim to have invented the sandwich, and Pickle Weisse, a light and tart Berliner weiss spiked with pickle brine -- have been conversation starters at the brewery’s tasting room.


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Now Forstner is commemorating his 100th batch of beer at Angel City with a new experimental brew that draws on his family’s background as avocado farmers. That’s right, Avocado Ale is brewed with the eminently Californian fruit, along with cilantro and other ingredients that normally make their way into a bowl of ‘guac.

The new beer -- actually, a return to one of Forstner’s first experimental batches after he joined Angel City in 2012 -- will debut at the inaugural Avocado Festival at the brewery on Aug. 24 alongside food trucks, avocado popsicles from Octopops, live music and a guacamole contest.

And as for those flagship brews, soon after officially opening the doors to its ambitious Arts District brewery, Angel City announced on Facebook that bottled versions of its flagship Angelino IPA and Eureka Wit would be available in six-packs and 22-ounce “bombers” beginning Sept. 9.

The bottled beer, which will be date-coded to ensure freshness, will be distributed to L.A.-area bottle shops and will retail for $8.99 to $9.99 a six-pack, and about $3.99 for the larger bottles. The brewery is also planning to bottle some of its other offerings, including new seasonal releases beginning next year.

Angel City Brewery, 216 S. Alameda St., Los Angeles, (213) 622-1261



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