How to make a Slurjeeto, a boozy diet cola mojito Slurpee

Diet Coke Mojito Slurpee recipe

Sometimes the stars and planets just align. Saturday is not only Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven, it's also National Mojito Day. In honor of these two momentous occasions, we came up with something called the Slurjeeto. Yes, we just made that up.

It's a homemade diet cola mojito Slurpee. Of course you could just go to 7-Eleven, get your free Slurpee and add some rum. We're not judging. Or you can make the Slurjeeto and seriously impress your friends. Here's how:



5 minutes. Serves four.

Handful fresh mint leaves

Juice ½ lime

½ cup sugar

4 shots white rum

4 cups ice

1 can diet cola

Combine the mint, lime juice, sugar and rum in a blender. Pulse to combine. Add the ice and diet cola and blend until the ice is slushy. Pour into glasses (or drink out of the blender) and enjoy.

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