Get a chef’s-eye view of the Beard House kitchen


Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at the James Beard House? Now you can take a peek into that famously tiny kitchen, thanks to three well-positioned live webcams.

Since its inception in 1986, the one-time Greenwich Village apartment of culinary legend James Beard has been the scene of countless fundraising dinners for the James Beard Foundation. Most of America’s best-known chefs have done time there.

But because the space is so cramped and so busy, kitchen visits were discouraged. Now, whenever there’s a dinner, you can sneak a look. And, according to the Beard Foundation, that’ll be some 200 nights a year.


One camera focuses on the long pass at the center of the kitchen. Another is positioned over the stove (and you can’t help but ask yourself, how do they turn out that many covers from that little range?). The third camera lets you eavesdrop on the prep station.

Monday night’s inaugural televised dinner is presented by Daniel Boulud and features such dishes as venison and daikon radish mosaic, jade tiger abalone with cauliflower, caviar and vodka beurre blanc, slow-baked sea bass with pommes Lyonnaise, squab with raisins and honey-peanut croustillant with turrón candy ice cream.


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