Cocktails and more! 13 ways to use all those Girl Scout Cookies

Did you happen to order too many Girl Scout cookies this season? Wondering what to do with all those (boxes of) extras? Don't worry, it's happened to all of us. And we've got you covered.

If you're looking for some creative ways to use those extra cookies, check out some of our ideas above. Add them to milkshakes, use them in pie crusts, beat them into ice cream, or spoon them in with your yogurt to give it a little crunch .... We've got 13 ideas to help you out, including the very tasty cocktail below. Cheers!


Drunken Girl Scout cocktail

Total time: 10 minutes

Servings: 1 cocktail

Note: Adapted from Julian Cox of Short Order. Thin Mints can be substituted with a similar type of chocolate-mint cookie.

2 scoops chocolate ice cream

2 scoops vanilla ice cream

1 ounce Irish whiskey, preferably Powers

1/2 ounce creme de menthe, preferably Tempus Fugit

1/2 ounce Fernet Branca-Menta

1 ounce crushed Thin Mints

Chocolate sauce, for garnish

Mint spring, for garnish

Thin Mint, for garnish


In a blender, blend the chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, Irish whisky, creme de menthe, Fernet Branca-Menta and crushed Thin Mints. Swirl chocolate sauce around the inside of a Mason jar and pour in the shake. Garnish with a mint sprig and Thin Mint.

Each cocktail: 910 calories; 11 grams protein; 104 grams carbohydrates; 4 grams fiber; 39 grams fat; 20 grams saturated fat; 103 mg cholesterol; 87 grams sugar; 308 mg sodium.