What lively flavor: 3 new gluten-free chips and their perfect dips

Lentil, chipotle and beet-flavored chips.
(Mary MacVean / Los Angeles Times)

We tasted three new gluten-free chips that make a pretty basket together, as well as versatile dippers: beet with goat cheese, chipotle with guacamole and lentil with a hot salsa.

Two of them come from the L.A. company the Better Chip – in beet and chipotle flavors. The company makes its chips with no more than five ingredients.

For the beet, that’s corn, chopped beets, oil and sea salt. They have 140 calories per serving, which is about 10 chips. The chipotle chips contain corn, smoked jalapeno peppers, oil and salt. They’ve got 150 calories in about 10 chips.

“Beet and Chipotle stuck out as really powerful flavors that are on trend with the current dining scene,” said Andrea Brule, vice president and general manager. The company’s chips are available in supermarkets.


The lentil chips are called Plentils and while we only tasted the sea salt, they come in several flavors: garlic and parmesan, margherita pizza and dill and sour cream. They are free of gluten as well as of dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and soy. The salted ones contain lentil powder, potato starch, oil, salt and turmeric.

One taster suggested they made a nice counterpoint to the spicier chiptole Better Chips. About 30 chips – smaller than the others – are in a 130-calorie serving.

And another thing ...

We tasted another gluten-free bar we liked, especially for people who are looking for straightforward ingredient lists. From the bar giant Clif come five flavors of its Mojo trail mix bars. They’re also low in sodium and four of the five flavors have 4 grams of fiber (one has 3).


Among the ingredients are the trendy darlings coconut, dark chocolate, dried cherries and blueberries – all organic. They are not a meal replacement, but perfect for a hike.


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