Go Get Em Tiger’s new ‘coffee regular’: your sugar and milk, calibrated

Go Get Em Tiger's "coffee regular" is made with 20 grams of organic Straus Family Creamery half and half and 20 grams of simple syrup.
(Julie Wolfson / For The Times)

Coffee and a doughnut get a major upgrade at Go Get Em Tiger.

The Larchmont Village cafe known for its fastidious attention to coffee has introduced its version of a “coffee regular” for $3.75. In much of the country a “regular coffee,” also known as “coffee regular,” generally means a cup of black coffee with cream and two packets of sugar.

But, first of all, Go Get Em Tiger (or GGET) doesn’t have packets of sugar; the staff hands a bottle of simple syrup to anyone who wants sweetener. And second of all, co-owner Kyle Glanville says, “We’ve tasted plenty of delicate, lightly roasted East African coffees with cream and sugar and we believe it to be a disappointing experience. Coffees that don’t offer enough bitterness to mesh effectively with the cream will drown out and everything will taste a bit watery.”

So ordering a coffee regular at GGET translates to a 12-ounce cup of roasted Colombian coffee from Vancouver-based roaster Forty Ninth Parallel that Glanville and his partner Charles Babinski brew at a higher concentration than their daily single origin offerings.

They then add 20 grams of organic Straus Family Creamery half and half and 20 grams of house-made simple syrup. The result, rich, creamy and slightly sweet, has the comforting taste of possibly the ultimate cup of doughnut shop coffee.


Though a coffee and doughnut may run under $3 at Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme, a doughnut and a coffee regular at GGET will cost you $7.75. The doughnut is from Donut Snob, made in seasonal flavors including blood orange and pistachio.

And the coffee? “The way we prepare coffee regular is a beautiful and worthy drink for service in our coffee bar,” added Glanville. “We’ve approached this drink with [quality control] standards as rigorous as anything on our menu and we’re proud of the outcome.”

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