Stick your smartphone in this bowl of ramen


You can buy almost anything to turn your smartphone into the ultimate foodie sidekick. Snap on a case that’s outfitted with a bottle opener, or encase your phone in a cover that looks exactly like your favorite sushi.

If you’re someone who will spare no expense for your smartphone, and you happen to be addicted to ramen, you’ll want to check out this ramen bowl smartphone and tablet holder from the Japanese company Hamee.

It’s a bowl of faux ramen, complete with jellied broth, noodles, slices of pork, a soy sauce egg and your choice of traditional ramen toppings. You can get corn, bamboo, spinach, green onions, seaweed and even bean sprouts.


The bowl looks good enough to eat, until you spot the small slit cut into the middle of the bowl, made to fit your smartphone or tablet. At $99, it’s also a lot more expensive than your average bowl of ramen.

Now imagine looking at pictures of ramen on your iPad, in the ramen stand, while eating a bowl of ramen. Mind blown.


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