Golden Road Brewing debuts new 2020 IPA for a cause -- the L.A. River

Golden Road Brewing's 2020 IPA was created in collaboration with the L.A. River Revitalization Corp.
Golden Road Brewing’s 2020 IPA was created in collaboration with the L.A. River Revitalization Corp.
(Julie Verive)

The newest entry into Golden Road Brewing’s Custom IPA series is hitting stores and taps this weekend, and 2020 IPA is more than another hoppy brew from the Goliath of L.A. craft beer, it’s a beer for a good cause.

Created in partnership with the L.A. River Revitalization Corp. with the mission to raise awareness of Greenway 2020, it’s a project attempting to unify all 51 miles of the L.A. River with a greenway and bike path.

2020 IPA celebrates a feature of Los Angeles that’s too often sneered at. The brewery is located just over the banks of the river, and the vision for a waterway that Angelenos could be proud of is close to the hearts of Golden Road’s principals, brewers and employees -- not to mention the throngs of beer fans who visit the brewery’s pub each day.

“The brewery is tied to the river,” president Meg Gill said as she shared a story of discovering the channel’s beauty and potential while on a stress-relief run the day before Golden Road’s opening. L.A. River Revitalization Corp. executive director Omar Brownson said that their mission is to market the river and create interest in the overlooked swath of Los Angeles.


This isn’t the first time Golden Road has created an IPA with a mission; last summer’s Heal the Bay IPA benefited the titular charity with each four-pack sold, and the brewery will likewise donate $1 from each box of 2020 IPA sold in the pub -- and the brewery is encouraging its distributors to do the same.

Instead of a landscape shot from around the city that adorns the other GRB brews, 2020 IPA features an artist’s rendering of what the river would look like after the revitalization is complete. As for what’s inside the can, brewmaster Jesse Houck calls 2020 IPA a “red IPA with ... an outdoorsy aroma of pine and cedar fading to citrus and tropical fruits.” The approachable, drinkable IPA features Ahtanum, Simcoe and Chinook hops and a light caramel malt character. It strikes a balance between sweetness and bitterness, with a 7.4% ABV.

Four-packs are for sale at the Golden Road Pub now and will be available at Whole Foods and other retailers beginning Feb. 1.


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