Relax, Chipotle won’t stop serving guacamole because of global warming


A single sentence in a corporate filing by Chipotle had lovers of the burrito chain in a frenzy Wednesday morning over whether Chipotle would stop serving guacamole because of global warming.

In a paragraph on pricing, the company said that because of changes in global weather patterns, prices of certain items on the menu, such as chicken, beef, cheese, avocados, beans, rice, tomatoes and pork could rise. But it’s a single sentence that had guacamole lovers biting their nails.

“Alternatively, in the event of cost increases with respect to one or more of our raw ingredients, we may choose to temporarily suspend serving menu items, such as guacamole or one or more of our salsas, rather than paying the increased cost for ingredients.”


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According to Chipotle’s Chris Arnold, the warning was part of the company’s disclosure -- required by securities law -- of corporate “risk factors” and nothing to cause alarm.

“We have seen similar conditions relative to avocados in the past, and higher prices for the avocados we use, but we have never had to stop serving guac due to issues like this,” said Arnold.

There is currently guacamole at all Chipotle restaurants, and Arnold says they have things under control.

“As a restaurant, we use fresh ingredients and supplies ... of many of those things can be impacted by things like weather,” said Arnold. “We’ve gotten very good at managing around those circumstances.”

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