Friendly skies? One airport is testing ‘happy meals’ with mood-enhancing hormones

Travelers dine in a food court at LAX. London's Gatwick Airport is reportedly testing "happy meals" with mood-enhancing hormones to see if they improve passengers' travel experience.

Travelers dine in a food court at LAX. London’s Gatwick Airport is reportedly testing “happy meals” with mood-enhancing hormones to see if they improve passengers’ travel experience.

(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

Was your flight delayed? Wondering when you’ll be reunited with your lost luggage? Maybe you’ve missed the connecting flight, or just wonder when you’ll ever get to the front of the TSA line.

If one airport has its way, you’ll still be in a good mood.

According to a recent report from CNN, London’s Gatwick Airport is introducing “happy meals,” working with a nutritionist to test foods rich in mood-enhancing hormones.

According to nutritionist Jo Travers, “there are certain foods that will help the ‘happy’ chemicals in your brain to keep flowing. Two key players are the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine.


“Low levels of these chemicals can cause fatigue, in addition to lowering existing levels of serotonin. Similarly, a deficiency of Omega 3 can lead to fatigue and mood swings.”

Apparently, Gatwick will be trying out the new meals for a month. Options include a salmon citrus salad “that promises to improve brain function” and a falafel and fattoush salad “meant to keeps blood sugar levels steady.”

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Promoting nutrition is just one way airports are trying to keep customers thinking positive. According to the report, other innovations include FlyFit, a juice line “made to counter the stressful effects of traveling,” which is available at 50 airports, and serotonin-boosting exercises at select airports.

Now maybe airports could just work on making sure our luggage doesn’t get lost.


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