Hello Kitty, Roy Choi and Spam musubi: A match made in heaven?


While the world continues to debate Hello Kitty’s feline and human attributes, Roy Choi will be busy crafting his version of a super-cute Spam musubi in her honor.

It’s all connected to Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary celebration, and the 2014 Hello Kitty Con fan convention, which will be headquartered at the Line Hotel in Koreatown, which also houses Choi’s Pot and Commissary restaurants.

To taste Choi’s version of this popular Hawaiian snack, just reserve a special Hello Kitty room at The Line Hotel during the anniversary celebration and crack open the room service menu.

The Line Hotel has been named the official hotel of the Hello Kitty Con 2014 fan convention, which will take place at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in Little Tokyo beginning Oct. 30.


While bibs and napkins printed with kitties can already be found in Pot and Commissary, the hotel will soon be filled with cute Hello Kitty art, a VIP lounger created by designer Sean Knibb, and rooms filled with Hello Kitty décor.

Collectors will surely jump at the chance to scoop up the Hello Kitty X The Line Hotel plush welcome amenities along with a Sephora beauty collection makeup. Additional collaborations at the hotel include custom Hello Kitty Linus bikes and limited edition products at Poketo.

The Line Hotel room service menu will offer the Hello Kitty Spam Musubi. Choi, no stranger to Spam, previously collaborated with Hormel in 2013 making a musubi with kimchi and has created dishes with the canned meat for several of his restaurant menus including a Kimchi Spam Melt on the Kogi truck, a Kimchi Spam Bowl at Chego, and the Boot Knocker Hot Pot at Pot.

To make the Hello Kitty musubi, Choi packs sushi rice into a kitty-shaped mold, then fills a musubi press with rice and SPAM. Whiskers and eyes are made from nori, a nose from yellow pepper and the iconic red bow from red pepper.

During the convention Katie Chin will teach musubi-making and a special edition Hello Kitty musubi maker will be sold at the show’s Super Supermarket.

Tickets for the Hello Kitty Con are available from Sanrio. Hello Kitty room packages will be available soon from the Line Hotel. An art show “Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty”, will be at the Japanese American National Museum from Oct. 11 to April 26.

More Hello Kitty anniversary food experiences will be announced soon as well as plans for a Hello Kitty-themed café in Southern California.