Norwegian teen tattoos McDonald’s receipt on his arm, confirms Big Mac Index

The tattoo of a McDonald's receipt on the arm of a Norwegian teen.
(Sabelink Tattoo)

An 18-year-old Norwegian, Stian Ytterdahl, of Lørenskog, Norway, was coerced by friends to tattoo a McDonald’s receipt on his right forearm. And yikes ... McDonald’s really is expensive in Norway.

Ytterdahl told Norwegian newspaper Romerikes Blad that his friends, supposedly punishing him for being a ladies’ man, demanded a tattoo of Barbie on his gluteus maximus or a McDonald’s receipt on his arm. He obviously chose the latter.

A tattoo artist from Sabelink Tattoo posted a photo on the ink shop’s Facebook page, calling it “my weirdest tattoo ever.”

The tattoo runs the length of Ytterdahl’s forearm and lists the purchase of a cheeseburger for 36 Norwegian kroner, which is nearly $6. (In the U.S., a McDonald’s cheeseburger is 99 cents.) And a “Happy Cheese” for 35 kroner. A 16-ounce cola is 25 kroner, which is more than $4(?!).


Also on the receipt are a “Nonstop Flurry” and extra toppings (so McDonald’s offers extra toppings, but also charges for them, at least in Norway). For a total of 143 kroner. That would be $23.65.

That’s in line with latest Big Mac Index, published yearly by the Economist, as an exchange-rate theory tool. Norway tops the list as the country with the most expensive Big Mac, which costs $7.80. In the U.S., it’s $4.62. The least expensive Big Mac, according to the index, is $1.54 in India.


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