Pizza Hut finally puts Sriracha on a pizza

 Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut is launching a new menu with specialty pizzas, including the Sweet Sriracha Dynamite (left), Cherry Pepper Bombshell, and Pretzel Piggy.
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Pizza Hut is adding Sriracha honey pizza sauce and curry-flavored crust to its menu. Beginning Nov. 19, customers will be able to customize their own pies with the Sriracha sauce, the curry crust and a slew of new toppings, pizza sauces and crust flavors. 

It’s all part of the brand’s new design-your-own pizza menu. If you want Sriracha honey sauce on a pretzel-flavored crust with cherry peppers and a drizzle of balsamic, you can do that. And it all comes at no extra cost. 

Pizza Hut will have six base sauce options, including the Sriracha sauce, garlic Parmesan, Buffalo and the classic marinara. You can also choose one of four “drizzles” to top your pizza with Buffalo, balsamic and more.

The brand is also adding new toppings and renaming a couple of old ones. Black olives will now be called "Mediterranean black olives,” and if you want red onions, be sure to call them “fresh red onions.” New toppings include banana peppers, spinach and cherry peppers. 


For the crust, choose one of 10 flavors, including red pepper and salted pretzel. The pizza chain also plans on releasing two rotating flavors, and is starting with a curry crust and a ginger crust, both available for a limited time. 

In addition to its classic pizzas, there will also be 11 specialty pies including the 7-Alarm Fire with peppers and jalapeños and the Giddy-Up Barbecue Chicken with chicken, bacon and barbecue sauce. There will also be a selection of “skinny” pies with 250 calories per slice. 

And the pizza isn’t the only thing getting a makeover. Employee uniforms will change from polo shirts and black pants to jeans and T-shirts. 

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