Ramen by Omae for burnt miso ramen and a look at the ramen burger

Name of restaurant: Ramen by Omae in Sherman Oaks

Chef/Owner: Executive Chef Takeshi Omae studied at Le Cordon Blue, and previously worked with Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto at his Michelin-starred XEX restaurant in Tokyo. Omae is expected to open Japanese Cuisine by Omae, a 12-seat omakase restaurant in Las Vegas, next month.

What dish represents the restaurant, and why?

The Burnt Kogashi Miso Ramen is rich and smoky, topped with slices of succulent 48-hour braised pork chashu.

If you missed out on last year’s ramen burger frenzy, you can try Chef Omae’s version in Sherman Oaks. It tastes like a backyard burger (in a good way) between two ramen buns. Omae is planning to add flavor variations in the coming months, including a spicy ramen burger challenge for all the insatiable chili heads. The burgers are a fun novelty item, but you’ll go back for the Kogashi ramen.


A beef curry, reminiscent of the type sold on Japan’s bullet train, is new to the menu as well. It’s a heaping plate of comfort, made with beef tail, potato, onion and carrots and served with fluffy rice.

Still hungry? How about chicken wings stuffed with gyoza filling, then deep-fried? The wings are stuffed by hand; so only 15 pieces are available per hour.

Who’s at the next table? Twenty-something men slurping ramen loudly, which is a good thing, of course. It’s considered appropriate etiquette and lets the cooks know you’re enjoying yourself.

Appropriate for...: Everyone.

Uh-oh...: Ramen by Omae doesn’t have a liquor license, so you can’t nurse a frosty, tall Kirin beer with your meal.

Service: Excellent. The staff will even walk you to the door and thank you if they’re not too busy.

What are you drinking? Green Tea.


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