Who’s Hungry Food Solutions: Caribbean food and goat curry, at the farmers market


Name of the restaurant: Who’s Hungry Food Solutions, a farmers market vendor who specializes in Caribbean food. Not the most poetic name, but pragmatic enough.

Who’s behind the restaurant: Stuart Eubanks, who has been eating Caribbean food since he was 15 years old. “When I really got serious about the cuisine, I studied the origins and how the different the food can be from island to island and based on colonial rule,” he says. Eubanks is a Le Cordon Bleu graduate and has worked under Michael Voltaggio, Shelly Cooper, and Roy Choi.

Which dishes represent the restaurant and why: The Trinidadian double, a wonderful pair of flatbread sandwiches stuffed with thoroughly spiced curried chickpeas and a shot of hot sauce on the side for good measure. Eubanks also makes an extremely tender, deeply flavorful goat curry, which is paired with sweet plantains and raw kale. The dishes are island street food staples, but cooked with the sensibilities and technique of a classically trained chef.


Concept: A fast-casual stand with one of the best takes on Caribbean food in town. Recipes have been developed after years of trial and error, but calibrated for farmers market. Vegan options are readily available and clearly labeled.

Who’s at the next table: Farmers market regulars and locals who’ve sought out the stand before.

Appropriate for: A quick lunch or dinner. The stand is well worth making a trip to the market and fighting for parking.

Problematic: The name really doesn’t do the food justice.

Service: Eubanks does all the work, sometimes aided by an occasional helper. Eubanks is extremely friendly, and always more than happy to explain each of his dishes.

What are you drinking: The sorrel, a holiday drink common throughout the Caribbean and Jamaica, which is made from hibiscus flowers and various earthy spices, including cinnamon.

Info: Echo Park Farmers Market, on Friday, 3 - 7 p.m.; Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Farmers Market, on Saturday, 10 a.m - 3 p.m.