Sriracha lovers, don’t panic! Make your own Sriracha sauce.


Sriracha lovers, there’s no need to panic. We can say with confidence that Sriracha sauce isn’t going anywhere.

And even in a worse-case scenario -- stockpiling, rising prices, the rationing of so-called rooster sauce -- there’s always this option: a D.I.Y. Sriracha sauce that uses just five ingredients and comes together in about 25 minutes.

Sriracha lovers are reeling after learning that the city of Irwindale has filed a lawsuit claiming that Huy Fong Foods, one of the best-known Sriracha producers, is responsible for a noxious odor emanating from its factory, causing runny eyes, throat irritation and headaches.


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The factory could potentially be forced to shut down this week -- at least temporarily -- while a remedy is sorted out in court.

But that still gives you plenty of time to walk (no need to run) to your nearest grocer and buy one or three bottles of the real thing to tuck in a glass case with an “In Case of Emergency” sign.

And then ... you can go about making your own homemade Sriracha sauce.

Times Test Kitchen Director Noelle Carter developed this recipe for homemade Sriracha-style sauce that calls for red chiles, garlic, vinegar, salt and sugar. Blend it all into a paste and then simmer in a saucepan.

“Taste and tweak the flavors as desired,” Noelle says. (You can watch her doing it all in this L.A. Times Test Kitchen video.)

And who knows?

Maybe you’ll like the homemade stuff better than the “real” thing! And maybe you’ll tweak the recipe a bit to your liking, bottle it up and go on to make untold riches.

Just remember to give the L.A. Times Test Kitchen a little credit, OK?


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