Wexler’s Deli is newest addition to Grand Central Market

Micah Wexler

Micah Wexler, last seen tackling Middle Eastern food at Mezze, is opening a new-style old-fashioned Jewish deli at the Grand Central Market.

Called simply Wexler’s Deli, it’s to feature the full run of smoked fish and cured meats -- salmon and sturgeon, pastrami and corned beef -- as well as freshly baked breads and bagels to serve them on.

“Wexler’s Deli isn’t about reinventing the deli, it’s about bringing it back to its roots,” Wexler said. “I grew up eating at delis, they’re a place of community and tradition. We take the time to use old-school recipes and techniques to craft delicious deli food. Curing, brining, smoking, pickling are things that take patience and a trained hand. Wexler’s Deli pays its respects to the traditions of the past but presents itself with an L.A. soul.”

Wexler will be joined by partners Mike Kassar, with whom he worked at Mezze, and David Sanfield, co-founder of the Pitfire Pizza chain. The deli is scheduled to open in February.


It is just the most recent of the high-profile openings and announcements as the nearly 100-year-old market reinvents itself. Already open are Valerie at GCM, Horse Thief Barbecue, Sticky Rice, Press Brothers Juicery and G&B Coffee. Scheduled to open soon are DTLA Cheese, Eggslut, Belcampo Meat, Oyster Gourmet and Olio wood-fired pizza.

Grand Central Market, 317 S. Broadway, Los Angeles.


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