Norm Langer breaks down the Langer’s #19 and explains the right way to eat the world’s best pastrami sandwich

Langer’s Deli in Westlake holds claim to “the best pastrami sandwich” in the country, the Number 19. Food Editor Jenn Harris sat down with Norm Langer, the son of the original owner, to see what makes his pastrami sandwich so good.


Scan the dining room at Langer’s Deli in Westlake during lunchtime, and you’ll find a #19 sandwich on just about every table in the restaurant. Al Langer, current owner Norm Langer’s father, created the sandwich after opening the deli in the 1940s. Its components make for a flavor combination that’s emblematic of classic pastrami sandwiches all over the world: luscious, thick slices of pastrami layered with sweet coleslaw and a slice of melted Swiss cheese on two pieces of double-baked rye bread slathered with Russian dressing.

Langer’s is on our list of this year’s 101 Restaurants We Love. The neighborhood institution is a must visit for pastrami lovers, and it’s a Los Angeles restaurant we keep coming back to.

Watch the video above to learn more about the restaurant and the unforgettable #19.

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