Listen: Restaurant playlists with audio samples


Short Order

A retro-ish mix of blues, bluegrass, rockabilly, unconventional folk and indie rock, to go with burgers, shakes and fries, courtesy of resident “music guy” Josh Pressman.

“Meet Me in the City” Junior Kimbrough

“Oh Well (Live at the BBC)” Fleetwood Mac

“Ten Thousand Words” the Avett Brothers


Electronic with a lot of European, particularly Spanish, music to match the modern tapas at the Bazaar and “salt air” margaritas at Bar Centro, courtesy of Prescriptive Music. Beware more bass Thursday to Saturday.

“Don’t Turn the Light On” Chromeo

“Pharaohs” SBTRKT (feat. Roses Gabor)

“Body Work” Morgan Page (feat. Tegan and Sara)

“Pulmon” Bajofondo

“Spectrum” Florence and the Machine


Classic rock, courtesy of Prescriptive Music. Says Wolfgang Puck, quoting Bruce Willis, “‘There’s nothing better than listening to ‘The Wall’ with a bone-in filet and a great bottle of wine.”

“Rebel Rebel” David Bowie

“You Shook Me” Led Zeppelin

“Atomic” Blondie

“Have a Cigar” Pink Floyd

Son of a Gun

What you’d listen to while angling for redfish in Tampa Bay, Fla. Hip-hop circa 1991 (and Jay-Zcirca the Black Album), lots of ‘70s rock and pre-Nickajack Cave Johnny Cash, courtesy of director of operations Helen Johannesen and staff.

“Set Adrift on Memory Bliss” P.M. Dawn

“My 1st Song” Jay-Z

“Ring of Fire” Johnny Cash

—Betty Hallock