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Carving the Bird: Step by Step

Step 1
1. Start with the wings: Hold the knife at the joint at a 45-degree angle to the wing and slice through the joint. (Eric Boyd / LAT)
Step 2
2. Next, the legs. Grab a knee and press it down, away from the bird, until the hip joint is exposed. (Eric Boyd / LAT)
Step 3
3. Use the tip of the knife to pop out the hip joint, then cut the leg free at the base. (Eric Boyd / LAT)
Step 4
4. Cut wings in half at the elbow. Try to keep as much of the bird skin-side up as possible so the skin stays crisp. (Eric Boyd / LAT)
Step 5
5. Cut the legs in half at the knee. If desired, carve a few slices out of each drumstick, until you hit the tendon. (Eric Boyd / LAT)
Step 6
6. Carve the thigh in thick slices along the grain. Arrange the legs, thighs, wings and dark meat on a platter. (Eric Boyd / LAT)
Step 7
7. Make a long slice along either side of the narrow “keel” bone that runs down the center of the breast. (Eric Boyd / LAT)
Step 8
8. Use the carving fork or your fingers, lift the breast meat away as you cut where the meat attaches to the ribs. (Eric Boyd / LAT)
Step 9
9. Use the carving fork to pin the meat to the board, cut each breast crosswise on a slight bias. (Eric Boyd / LAT)